My Body Just For You


If your heart be injured

Don’t fall in enthusiastic

The world is wide for you

Wander where are you going for

Yourself full beautiful, so be smile

Certainly you’ll find a beauty in your live


My blood, My heart, and My soul

Just for you

If you need me every time

I am willing always in your heart

If you have a desire my present

I am ready go into your dream when in a sleep


Love, can’t measured with depth sea

Or height mountain soar

And a lot of sand in a side beach

But look stars in the sky when night have arrived

I find your body on there


The god never sleep, enjoy our live

Like the butterfly freedom for alight flowers what they pleasure it

Suck honiest, spread around sweetness living for human

If the day twilight, they’ll be back where their stay

A twilight shall not beaten with that alight butterfly

Gold of lightning cause to quiver look enchant together with softness wind

Blow cool to greet sunset

Alight have changed become a night waiting turn up a moon

And are you know?

If my body just for you


Are you know, at a moment our eyes looking so far in the sky

I am looking falling star, very beautiful

Your beam of light in eyes

Remember me in love story between me, you, and god

The god always understand and must understand

My body just for you


#Lumire, 15 Desember 2011

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